6 Tie Conversion Kit for Continental 9500

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6 Tie Conversion Kit for Continental 9500

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Now is the time to consider changing from 8 wire ties to a CTC 6-Tie System.  According to a major supplier of wire tires, the current savings is 45¢ per bale.  Together with the labor savings generated by reducing manpower at the press, this will produce a rapid payback.  Please review the chart below for various scenarios showing the breakdown of savings.

6-Tie Conversion Chart

6-Tie Conversion Chart

Advantages & Specifications


  • Designed for IFP Car-Lokers or Winn Knotter bars
  • Knotter Burs can /Je supplied with Platens
  • CTC follow Blocks to fit BesPress available with improved deflectors to prevent dog breakage
  • Strong, Durable Ginworthy construction
  • Easy & Quick to install
  • Covered by a full one year warranty


6-Tie Platen Conversion Kits Brochure

Continental 9500 6 Tie Platen Brochure