Return Chute System For Continental BesPress System

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Model CBP6S Return Chute System To Fit The Continental BesPress

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Advantages & Specifications


  • Eliminates up to 2 men at the press (depending on production rate);reduces tying time to 1seconds and puts money in your pocket year after year.
  • Hydraulic Bale Ejector is mounted inside of door and is powered by existing door jack pump. No additional hydraulic pump unit is required.
  • Chuted door is powered open and closed by existing door jacks which reduces manpower.


  • (2) Doors with internal return chutes for wire ties and hydraulic bale ejectors
  • ( 1) bolton follow block face plate with CarLoker bars installed
  • (2) sets of platen barssix wire models only
  • (2) door stop assemblies,
  • (1) set of bale indentation bars
  • (2) door roller ramps
  • ( 1) set of hydraulic valves, hoses and fittings required for hook-up


  • (6) or (8) tie chute systems
  • left orright hand doors
  • Strong, Durable Gin-worthy construction
  • Easy & Quick to install
  • Requires some field wiring and welding.
  • 8-10 weeks delivery for standard models!
  • Covered by full one year warranty


CBP6S Brochure